MEG: This week, the price focus of ethylene glycol is very narrow

.Week ethylene glycol price center of gravity narrow finishing, floor traders mentality

In order to be careful, meet the intention of high concentrated goods.Part of the coal chemical plant litres in weeks

Temperature restart, the supply end is gradually returning to the state.Basically, 6

Monthly glycol is still in basic balance, but the supply and demand link is gradually

Regression, and more reflected in the second half of June.At present individual coal chemical plant

Is heating up the restart, but the material and transport to the demand link still need one

Period of time.On the demand side, polyester construction remains around 90.6%,

And the product inventory pressure is fair, in the near future can maintain high load operation, pre

Short - term ethylene glycol shock adjustment mainly.

Aftermarket attention: pay attention to the MEG equipment of coal discharging, port delivery

Ship condition and PTA device restart condition, downstream terminal link dredge

Conditions, etc.


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