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Number of Employees 1-50 People
Established in 2019

About us

Jiangsu Sirun Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. (Jiangsu Sirun Plastic Industry Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2019 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a private enterprise mainly engaged in the chemical plastic raw materials at home and abroad. The company has a sound and complete system and scientific management. After a year of hard work, the company has developed rapidly and steadily, becoming the largest plastic raw material operating company in Nantong.

Our company mainly deals with PET polyester bottle flakes such as Sanfangxiang, Chenggao, Dalian Yisheng, Dahua, Anhua, etc., serving downstream PET polyester preforms and sheet manufacturers; and PP (Guoen, Daon ...) And PS (Secco, Luan, Saibaolong ...) and other petrochemical products. The main sales scope is for large, medium and small-sized production enterprises and traders in various regions.

Jiangsu Sirun annually sells more than 50,000 tons of various plastic materials, with a total annual sales of 800 million yuan. Obtained SSL, foreign trade operation license and other related business certificates, and established long-term friendly cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers and trading companies.

The enterprise culture

Business philosophy: service as the core, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, moving service

Customer service: we continue to focus on the energy efficiency and productivity of our customers, and in the market cycle of supply and demand, we become a manufacturer-level service provider providing solutions while providing technology, quality and logistics guarantee for our customers.

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